Engine and body

The company offers a wide range of renewable equipment such as engine and body repairs. Our materials are regularly used in large industrial engines such as locomotives, offshore engines and generators. Machine-complete multifunctional repair and remodeling composites allow for faster return to service of critical equipment and faster repair times for repairs than traditional methods […]

Valves, pipes and fittings

Plumbing maintenance is critical in any industry and facility. Common causes of damage to pipes, valves and fittings can include shock and frost damage, corrosion, erosion and chemical attack. The company offers a wide range of repairs, and epoxy coatings are specifically designed to provide excellent protection against erosion and corrosion as well as excellent […]

Heat Exchangers

The company offers a variety of composite and epoxy metal repair coatings to repair and protect critical equipment such as heat exchangers. Areas such as pipe plates, water boxes, flange plates, split rods and end covers can be protected against galvanic corrosion as well as chemical attacks. Our cold curing epoxy products allow quick and […]

Mechanical transmission

The company offers a wide range of epoxy adhesives designed to repair and prevent common breakdowns associated with mechanical power transmission. Epoxy material is a fast and reliable replacement for welding and machining techniques required for conventional repairs. Worn and damaged shafts can be repaired on site and limit downtime and lost production costs. Bearings […]


The company offers epoxy metal repair adhesives and epoxy coatings specifically designed to maintain storage tanks, including solutions such as tank base sealing, erosion and corrosion protection, cold bonding and sealing. Leakage of cold cooking materials eliminates hot work and thus ensures safe and easy maintenance Repair and protection of internal parts of the tank […]

Ships and offshore structures

Damaged ships and offshore structures can be repaired and protected from the effects of erosion, corrosion, and wear by using a wide range of composites and metal coatings. These repairs can be done easily and safely on site, reducing time. Breakdown and no need for work is heated Product properties: Excellent protection against erosion and […]

Pumps – Rebuild and increase efficiency

Severely damaged pumps can be restored to their original state using metal repair adhesives. Our epoxy coating to protect against corrosion reduces further deterioration, increases pump efficiency and reduces the cost of frequent maintenance. Pump repair Pump performance is reduced after prolonged, heavy or aggressive service due to erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, wear and cavitation. […]

Restoration of natural stones

This product is a two-component epoxy adhesive for repairing and regenerating cracked surfaces in natural stones and concrete. The low viscosity of this adhesive causes rapid penetration into cracks and small pores in stone and concrete surfaces. Thinness, strength Yellowing and excellent mechanical properties of this product have been welcomed and used in stone cutting […]

Installation of natural stones and ceramics

This product is a two-component epoxy adhesive with non-slip and filler properties for bonding different surfaces to each other in the construction industry. This two-component adhesive can be easily used after mixing and is baked at room temperature with excellent properties. It is suitable for the following applications. Product properties: – Prefabricated concrete products – […]

Making decorative pieces of wood and resin

This product is a two-component epoxy system that includes transparent thin epoxy resin and transparent hardener, which is used for thicknesses of 1 to 3 cm. The low viscosity along with the special formulation of this compound causes a minimum of bubbles to form during mixing. Due to the fact that this resin generates little […]