Arad Composite Company

producer of epoxy adhesives for oil, gas, petrochemical and construction industries

Adhesives produced by Arad Composite Company with the brand EVER HARD is produced and can be ordered in different groups.

About Arad Composite company

Due to the growing growth of the composite industry in the country, Arad Composite Company has been established with the aim of providing specialized services in the field of composites, especially resins and glass fiber composites.

Despite the fact that it has not been long since the establishment of this company, the long history of the founders of the company in the composite industry has caused the company to produce various types of epoxy and nano-epoxy adhesives in a scientific and fully engineered manner Type of adhesives for use in various industries.

Advantages of Arad composite adhesives

Higher strength
Proper adhesion in the connection
Temperature resistance
Baking shrinkage
Catch time
Corrosion resistance
Very high
Can be used in wet and humid and oily environments
Compressive strength
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