Pumps – Rebuild and increase efficiency

Severely damaged pumps can be restored to their original state using metal repair adhesives. Our epoxy coating to protect against corrosion reduces further deterioration, increases pump efficiency and reduces the cost of frequent maintenance.

Pump repair

Pump performance is reduced after prolonged, heavy or aggressive service due to erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, wear and cavitation.

Product properties:

Reconstruction without the need for specialized tools, chamber and pump impeller

Retrieve wear loop distances

Long-term protection against corrosion and erosion

No need for hot work

Bake at room temperature

Excellent adhesion to metal substrates including stainless steel, duplex steels, carbon steel, aluminum, cast iron and bronze as well as specialized alloys

Protection against pump cavities

Pump protection and efficiency improvement


The company offers a wide range of epoxy coatings designed for a variety of service conditions.

Our ceramic coatings, like ceramic metal, provide long-term protection against erosion-corrosion. Supermetal code is specifically designed to increase pump efficiency using hydrophobic technology to dispense process fluids and reduce turbulent flow.

Heavy wear components such as sludge or sewage pumps are ideal environments for our wear-resistant coatings, Which contains fillers that are very hard to provide maximum protection.

In addition, end covers, valve plates, and vacuum pump rotors can be reconstructed and protected using metal repair materials.

Other specialized coatings that have chemical resistance, high temperature, erosion and cavitation or a combination of these features, guarantee that there are solutions for almost all service conditions. After service, any local damage to the coatings can be easily repaired and possible. Provided a quick return to service and minimization of downtime

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