Mechanical transmission

The company offers a wide range of epoxy adhesives designed to repair and prevent common breakdowns associated with mechanical power transmission. Epoxy material is a fast and reliable replacement for welding and machining techniques required for conventional repairs.

Worn and damaged shafts can be repaired on site and limit downtime and lost production costs. Bearings can be repaired using corrosion-resistant metal repair materials that provide on-site and emergency repair solutions that can extend the life of your equipment and machine in a fraction of the Time to return to service.

Cold curing epoxies are formulated for long-term protection against erosion and corrosion and have the ability to bond to various metal surfaces including cast iron, aluminum and steel.

Product properties:

Repair damaged and graded shafts

Protect areas prone to corrosion attack

Repair damaged bearings in place without machining

Correction of the bearing meeting place

Repair bearing surfaces with low friction

Modification of bullet chambers

Modify the pin housing

Repair damaged bushes

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