Heat Exchangers

The company offers a variety of composite and epoxy metal repair coatings to repair and protect critical equipment such as heat exchangers. Areas such as pipe plates, water boxes, flange plates, split rods and end covers can be protected against galvanic corrosion as well as chemical attacks. Our cold curing epoxy products allow quick and on-site use, minimizing downtime while providing long-term protection against erosion and corrosion.

Reconstruction of heat exchanger

Heat exchangers can be repaired using cold metal repair epoxy adhesives and epoxy coatings that not only restore the heat exchanger components to their original specifications, but also provide long-term resistance to erosion and corrosion.

Product properties:

Eliminate galvanic corrosion

Prevent cracking

Minimize equipment downtime

High temperature resistance

Extraordinary chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals

Eliminate the need for hot work

Reduce expensive replacement costs

Increase equipment life

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