Engine and body

The company offers a wide range of renewable equipment such as engine and body repairs. Our materials are regularly used in large industrial engines such as locomotives, offshore engines and generators. Machine-complete multifunctional repair and remodeling composites allow for faster return to service of critical equipment and faster repair times for repairs than traditional methods such as welding to minimize cost and downtime. Repair of heavily contaminated surfaces can be done with our surface-resistant repair composite for quick applications. This fast cooking material used on site adheres to the prepared surfaces by hand and can be applied directly on oily, wet or even underwater areas. Heat, impact and corrosion damage can be quickly repaired using paste-grade materials, including for high-temperature repairs, and then protected by further use. These solvent-free materials are designed to cover a variety of substrates that provide long-term protection against erosion and corrosion when operating at high temperatures. To immerse and slurry the engine, it spreads evenly on irregular surfaces and creates a very good alignment. This system is 100% solid and does not shrink during cooking and has self-aligning properties and facilitates quick and easy application. Its excellent load bearing capacity with relatively high compressive strength and at the same time ensures corrosion and vibration resistance.

Product properties:

Precision repair of bush bearings and enclosures

Recover peeled threads in areas such as cover plates and sump piles

Effective repair of cracks and holes due to mechanical failure, wear, erosion and corrosion

Lining and repair, erosion, corrosion and cavitation damage on cylinder blocks

Repair of bearing shells

Recovery and filling of cavities and defects of metal containers

Close and fast porous and permeable containers

Repair and restore the flanges and return them to their original dimensions

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